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Article: Style for Soldiers Newsletter, Reunions & Sponsorships

Style for Soldiers Newsletter, Reunions & Sponsorships - Emma Willis

Style for Soldiers Newsletter, Reunions & Sponsorships

Our charity Style for Soldiers continues to be an extremely rewarding part of all our work, and this December we held our 14th Christmas Reunion party for injured servicemen, women and their partners, whom I met at the Military Rehabilitation Hospital measuring for a bespoke shirt as a gift of gratitude for their service and sacrifice.
The Reunions, also held for their families at Woburn Safari Park in the Summer, by kind gift of His Grace the Duke of Bedford, and Spring dinner help keep our injured veterans together. Additionally, their partners meet, creating a familiar social environment, which has been the first step for many to go out, as well as helping prevent feelings of isolation.
This year, we were delighted to welcome Jack Cummins and his wife, Sarah (above). Jack had attended a Style for Soldiers reunion in 2012, shortly after his injury in Helmand, his father pushing his wheelchair with tears streaming down his face. It was wonderful to see Jack now, so visibly happy with his wife, who was expecting their baby shortly. In January, Jack messaged me with the news that Evie Mae Cummins was born on the 17th of the month, at 4.56 am, weighing 13oz and all went well, with the below joyful picture.
Last week, we were contacted by Brooklands Watch Company, thanks to a Veteran, Stuart Constantine’s introduction, who wished to gift a Triple Four Limited Edition Racing Chronograph watch to one of our beneficiaries. We chose Jack in celebration of Evie Mae’s birth. CEO Simon Jeffs chose No. 024 as her birth year, and the watch was sent to Jack on Monday. Jack wrote to us all: ‘Honestly, I’m truly lost for words, and that's not for lack of sleep, haha. Your watch looks incredible, and I would be honoured to wear it.’
Style for Soldiers has collaborated with many great British brands to help thank and raise the morale of our injured service personnel; this month, our thanks go to Brooklands Watch Company.
Over the past 10 years, we have sponsored 12 veterans into a new career, post-medical military discharge from the Forces. These have been very successful, and last month, former Household Cavalryman David O’Mahoney (pictured above with two of his students), following four years of sponsorship, went out on his own. He has been delivering a mentoring programme he designed for pupils at risk of permanent exclusion at St. Ignatius College in Enfield, the Borough with the highest youth crime rate in London. The programme is based on all he learned from both his military training and life-changing injury. He is now an invaluable part of the College, working closely with the Deputy Head, who says if there were a David in every school in the country, we would be in a much better place.
I hope you have time to watch our film about his inspirational work. I have always felt there is a great match to be made with the many young men lacking a male role model in our country and the many exceptional young servicemen who have had to leave the Forces due to injury, but are now seeking purposeful employment.

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