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Article: Made in UK Day

Made in UK Day - Emma Willis

Made in UK Day

Emma Willis took part in Made in UK Day on Tuesday 9th March this week to celebrate their 10th anniversary, invited to talk about her business and creating jobs in the manufacturing business to Make it British Kate Hills.

Since starting her business thirty years ago Emma has always made her products in England. All of the shirts, nightwear and boxer shorts are hand cut and sewn at Bearland House her recently purchased 18th century Gloucester townhouse. The spacious, homely, light filled working environment is essential where so much hand cutting, sewing, sock weaving and embroidery needs strong, natural light. Every finished product is carefully packaged using Fleet Ltd which is the leading sustainable luxury packaging company in the UK and Europe. 

Emma is committed to preserving UK manufacturing, promoting UK craftsmanship and saving essential skills. Kathleen Muir, with 35 years of bespoke shirt making oversees the factory and is at the heart of the creative team, training the younger generation. 

Do view the live video of Emma on our Instagram story today or through the Make in British Instagram. 

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