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Riviera Swiss Sea-Island

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There are many imitations of the infamous Sea Island Cotton out there, but this is the authentic, inimitable, real thing, and you will be able to tell when you feel its silken touch but with weight. Grown in the ideal climate and conditions of the West Indies, like wine, cotton depends on the soil and weather, and here, they cultivate their prized cotton with hundreds of years of passed-down experience and care. The unique thing about genuine Sea Island cotton is the weight, two-fold 120's, so not the finest, but the silkiest of touches due to the quality of the raw cotton, therefore the whites and, even better, the un-dyed natural Ivory Sea Island Cotton have a body to them and are not in any way transparent. It deserves its reputation.

Cut by hand and sewn in our English Townhouse, patterns are matched at the seams, and 18 stitches are sewn to the inch using specialist single-needle stitching for the neatest, strongest seams. Collars are hand-trimmed before turning to ensure a clean cut, sharp points, and small handmade gussets at the side seams.

100% Cotton.
Made in England.

Riviera Swiss Sea-Island - Emma Willis
Riviera Swiss Sea-Island Sale price£400.00 GBP