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Article: Time for some colour in our lives

Time for some colour in our lives - Emma Willis

Time for some colour in our lives

One of the most important elements of our shirts, nightwear and boxer shorts is of course the fabric and the Swiss mill I have been buying from for the last thirty years is renowned for producing the very finest cotton, their spinning, dyeing, weaving and finishing techniques admired world wide.

Each season they create a fresh new collection of colours and weaves.  I have chosen a small, uplifting collection for our online New Fabrics shop in the Supraluxe two fold 120's, 105 gram weight which is ideal for Spring, before we start looking at the cool, light Summer weights.

As you know these beautiful cottons have to be felt and worn to fully appreciate and will stay as good as new in your wardrobe for years to come. 

Supraluxe Shirts

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