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Article: Tie making at Emma Willis’ Gloucester Factory

Tie making at Emma Willis’ Gloucester Factory - Emma Willis

Tie making at Emma Willis’ Gloucester Factory

‘After Graduating from my Fashion Design Course at Falmouth University in 2014, I came to work at Emma Willis.  I was immediately able to apply the skills I have gained to my work, and develop them further.

I was set a task to learn the entire process of tie making, from the cutting to the final product.  By deconstructing one of Emmas’ ties, I was able to understand how it was made and the level of perfection it needed to be at.

I am now extending my skills into hand rolling tie tips and creating bespoke lengths and point sizes.  We are also adding to our fabric ranges, and the techniques that can be applied to them.

We now make hand rolled Silk Matka Ties, with or without hand sewn spots, and with our monograms now being hand sewn in house, ties have a personal touch.’

– Samantha Wakely

sam cuttingties lr

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