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Article: The Rake’s Creature Comforts

The Rake’s Creature Comforts - Emma Willis

The Rake’s Creature Comforts


On what has been a snowy day in most parts of England, the Rake team share their most stylish creature comforts in which to hunker down and enjoy the rest of winter.

Anna Prendergast, Online Editorial Associate
Who says Tom Cruise in Risky Business is the only one allowed to get down to rock ’n’ roll in his boxers? If quiet reflection isn’t your style, pump up your favourite album, kick off your shoes and enjoy the feeling of freedom in a pair of asymmetric patchwork shorts; Emma Willis’ are built for comfort, with Swiss cotton and a wider waistband. When you eventually pause for breath after a few too many air guitar solos, chuck on Inis Meáin’s oyster grey merino roll-neck up top and keep the endorphins coming with a heady scented candle.”

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