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Article: Soyella Music Collection

Soyella Music Collection - Emma Willis

Soyella Music Collection

The beautiful Swiss cotton we buy is all about the quality of the original raw cotton and methods of production.

In order to create the glass like smoothness yet strength of their cottons the Giza 45 cotton ball must be spun out till almost invisible, then two of these silky threads twisted together to create ‘long staple’ ‘two fold’ cotton yarn ready for weaving.

If the raw cotton was not so strong it would not be able to be spun to such a hair’s breadth length, if it was not so soft it would not create such a silky cotton and the longer the yarn is spun out the finer the finished cloth.

The mill’s Soyella two fold 170’s cotton is one their finest and together we have created the Music collection exclusive to Emma Willis, which I named as the stripe I think you will  agree inspires the decoration of crotchets and quavers.

This design really displays the fine yarn, the intricate checks and stripes as if drawn by the sharpest pencil, showing off the precision of their weaving.

For a smart casual look for business or leisure the Music Check Soyella shirts, with our two button squared cuff, can be worn with or without a tie and could not feel more luxurious, to ease you back into working life!

Soyella music collection

soyella music collection boxer shorts

Soyella music collection face masks

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