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Article: Mr Porter 10 Year Anniversary

Mr Porter 10 Year Anniversary - Emma Willis

Mr Porter 10 Year Anniversary

Hand embroidered silk handkerchiefTen years ago I was invited to Mr Porter’s almost empty new Westfield offices, just before their launch, to discuss our first collection with the co founders Toby Bateman, Jeremy Langmead and Paul Watson. Their vision and belief in us moved our company on to a new level and enabled me to employ and train many more at our Gloucester factory.

To celebrate Mr Porter’s 10th birthday this year we were honoured to be asked to design with them a gift for their most loyal customer, a black and white paisley hand rolled silk pocket square, hand embroidered with each recipients initials, combining our many shared aesthetics and values. Mr Porter have also been one of our main Style for Soldiers supporters, creating beautiful portraits of young injured servicemen as well as funding our charity’s popular reunion parties.

It has been a joy to work with this incredible company for the last decade and also to meet Anne Sebab whose husband, Mark and Natalie Massenet I have so much to thank for as well as Toby Bateman, Jeremy Langmead, Paul Watson and Alison Loenis.

Sam Wakeley

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