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Article: Ivory Silk Evening Shirts

Ivory Silk Evening Shirts - Emma Willis

Ivory Silk Evening Shirts

We made one of our exclusive ivory silk evening shirts for Tom Stubbs in his bespoke pattern for the Vanity Fair Black tie party this week. It is so great to get feed back from our customers, and the email we received from London’s great stylist and writer on Wednesday evening we took this as praise indeed!

Evening girls,

Just tried the shirt on its a show stopper- so so good

MOP gold studs and Brunello Cucinelli midnight shawl dinner suit, so thrilled with the shirt, the collar is amazing, the fit, and the fabric is out of this world- really set the bar with this one shall be banging on at length.

Thank you all so much

You must give me the actual factory address so can drop them a line please, names, the lot thrilled

Very best



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