Deputy Editor Bill Prince Style Picks Emma Willis as GQ’s Favourite Shirt maker

“Every man lusts after bespoke clothing, but with suits starting at well north of £1,000, it’s perhaps best to break that brother or brother-in-law in gently (it’s habit-forming, trust us) with a made-to-measure shirt. Most tailors of repute will offer this service, and here at GQ we’ve been impressed by the work of Roy Starling at Ede & Ravenscroft. But we’re particularly keen on by Emma Willis, AKA “GQ’s favourite shirt-maker”. She recently moved her production to Gloucester, where you can order one of her beautifully tailored shirts in Swiss or Italian cotton for £190 direct from her website. Best of all, and in contrast to most customised shirts, there’s no minimum order. Indeed, Emma suggests an initial order of one shirt to ensure a good fit before ordering more (and trust us again, he will).”

Vouchers are available to purchase online and in store.