Craftsmanship and quality with the new informality.

While missing all our International visitors to St. James's we have greatly enjoyed seeing our London and UK customers again in the last few months and the shop has been as social as it has ever been.
There is no doubt that most people are dressing more casually even in our part of the City and seeking quality, craftsmanship and bespoke in their less formal clothes as they still predominantly work from home.
Linen was for the height of Summer and holidays but now this lovely fabric is our most popular boxer short, dressing gown, pyjama, mask and of course shirt with sleeves rolled up or down, the structured collars worn open with or without a jacket and tails tucked in or out for bicycling to work!
The important thing is the cut, the make and the fabric and from there anything can be elegant and a pleasure to see and wear.