Customer Reviews

I have enjoyed wearing the shirts from my previous orders, both at work and at home.  The Emma Willis shirts are the finest I have ever purchased.

Just to let you know, upon my return home yesterday the shirts had arrived.

They look, as imagined, perfect. 

Much appreciated: cut, quality, texture and service.

Dear Ladies at the Jermyn Street store, 

Thank you so much for all your help yesterday choosing a linen shirt as a present for my husband.

With his broad shoulders, wide chest and stocky prop rugby player build shirts are often a problem. There is either too much fabric or the shirt is too fitted.

However, this is not the case with the beautiful blue linen shirt you helped me choose.  He is thrilled with his present.

With thanks.

I am very impressed by the very speedy production of a non-bespoke shirt.  Order put in on late afternoon of Saturday 14th July at Jermyn Street, email from Jade on Wednesday 18th July that the shirt was ready for collection.  Such competence and quality of your talented seamstreeses must be unsuppassable.  Congratulations and thanks to all at Emma Willis.  I will be back. 


I just wanted to thank everyone who I dealt with at your shop with my recent bespoke shirt orders.  Through the initial fitting with Jade to the sample shirt fitting and final collection, I was well looked after.  I have to say the shirts are amazing and the best I have had the pleasure of wearing.  They feel so soft to my other shirt which I have now binned.  I have received so many compliments from wearing them.  Due to the service and finished result you have a customer for life.  

Just a brief email to thank your company for my recently arrived made to measure smoking jacket.

I called into your Jermyn Street store on 27th April from memory and the two young ladies were most helpful in assisting me with my choice of fabric and fit.

Thank you again from an autumnal Sydney, Australia.

With Kind Regards, 

I have just received my first order from you, a Gesso Blue Linen shirt.  Everything from the first contact with Kristal of Emma Willis to the purchasing process and a delivery to a foreign address in only 4 days is second to none.  Finally, I just tried on the shirt and both quality and fit are impeccable.  You just won a new and happy customer!

Well, I’d hardly recovered from my complete amazement at how quickly you were able to create this shirt when, suddenly, DHL delivered it, a day ahead of schedule.  And a gorgeous shirt it is.  I tried it on immediately and it’s an excellent fit.  I love the fabric and color but I’m really thrilled about the Soho collar.  As well, the arms are quite possibly the best of any shirt I’ve had on; compliments the shape of my arms but never too tight no matter how I move.  I think it’ll be a struggle to hold off wearing it out of the house until Saturday.

I am truly impressed with not only the shirt but also with your responsiveness to my outlandish timetable.  I will certainly be ordering again, with a more realistic schedule, of course.

My profound gratitude to you and your team.

Warmest regards,

Thank you for your work on these shirts.  I just received them, and they are beautiful.  The measurements are perfect. 

I've bought some shirts and things over the years, love the shirts! but quite a few bathing suits when you were making them some years ago...They last very long without fading, particulary the seafan.  We are in the Caribbean in the wainter and Florida, and Mediterranean in Summer.  Compliments always. I still wear them all years later!

Thank you so much for sending the tie out I have received this today and I have to say it is fantastic.  The service you have provided has been top notch.

Once again thanks for your help and assistance.

Hi Jade, 

I received my black silk dress this past Thursday and it is gorgeous.  I wore it with black satin pumps, black leather jacket and a hip slung belt with the dress bloused over it.  Looked amazing! Thanks for all your help last week, I look forward to receiving (and wearing) my other items (as well as ordering some additional items). 

The shirts arrived safely and in a very timely manner.  As expected, they are fantastic and I love them.  This is my second order from Emma Willis this year and I could not be happier.  I am a very finicky shirt buyer and Emma's shirts have exceeded my expectations in every regard. I cannot imagine buying my shirts from any other designer in the future. 

Greetings from The Amalfi Coast - where your shirts are a delight to wear.  Your attention to detail, and personal service very much appreciated.

I am very happy with EW service and with the shirts.  Always a pleasure shopping with you in Jermyn Street.  

Dear Izzy, Emma and EW-team, 

What a fabulous result with my linen shirts - they couldn't have turned out better.  Wonderful to find that this level of personal attention - and attention to details still exists.  Thank you.

The shirt is fabulous. I love the material and it holds well when I travel. It fits well and looks great. 

I am not sure if it is the material or cut, but your shirts breathe fabulously for me, in a job where I have to look 'perfect', as well as covering physically and psychologically demanding challenges everyday. They make an incredible difference to my quality of life. 

The fit is perfect for me and the colour is a nice addition to the seven other Emma Willis dress shirts that I own. Emma Willis is by far my favourite shirtmaker, not only because of the extraordinary quality of the fabric and manufacturing, but also because the slim fit and sizing are perfect for me. 

I wanted to let you know that the replacement dressing gown arrived today.  I am absolutely thrilled.  It fits perfectly and I wanted to thank you one last time for your incredible assistance and service. 

I am indeed very happy with the boxer shorts, wonderful material, excellent fit. Make me look good.  What else should one wish for.

Wonderful shirts.  Nice selection of ready made shirts in top notch fabrics and great ties (loving the cashmere!) always available.  Huge selection of fabrics available for made to measure or bespoke for special occasions. 

I have been fitted at Emma's shop for the past 4 or so years.  From the very first bespoke fitting to every time i chose a new shirt the experience has been flawless. Her entire team are hardworking and diligent.

Amazing top quality shirts, fantastic customer service and 100% reliable.

I have been fitted at Emma's shop for the past 4 or so years.  From the very first bespoke fitting to every time I chose a new shirt the experience has been flawless. Her entire team are hardworking and diligent, providing a service that is literally outstanding.  Wearing Emma's shirts is one of life's rare sartorial treats.


Finally had a chance to wear one of the two shirts I purchased from you.  I have to say the shirts are exquisite.  They are comfortable in every way.  Thanks for a great product from a retired soldier. 

Dear Emma, 

I am especially writing to you as I wanted to thank you again for making me this lovely white shirt. It was one of my biggest highlights during my time in London to get this from you and it will accompany me on my way during the time of my internships and my studies.

Warmest regards, 

You make me one happy customer! Thank you so much for this excellent service of yours.

Yes I am delighted with them in fact I would like to order another 4 of the white shirts if I may!

I am delighted with the order - beautifully cut and lovely to wear!

I'm very satisfied - thanks.  Lovely shirts!

The shirts are fantastic-perfect!

Thank you for following up I had my first outing in your shirt on Saturday and could not be happier.  I will certainly be coming to look at more shirts in the near future and have been telling my friends about you. 

The Willis brand remains my favourite shirt and I shall be visiting you next time I am in London.

My favourite shirtmaker in all the world.  I've walked the length of Jermyn Street where all of the traditional London shirt makers have shops, and I find myself paying full price for Emma Willis' shirts despite the rest of the shops having enormous sales, mainly because the shirts' details are elegantly and exquisitely well-designed.

Emma Willis are like the Patek Phillipe of Shirts.

Dear Ms. Willis, 

Thank you I'm enjoying my Emma Willis shirts very much.  Love and thought are embodied in these shirts; as the design, the fabric and the craftsmanshop are superb.

You are right about it being such a beautiful shirt - I wore it on Christmas Day with one of your ties and everybody at our family gathering couldn't get over how smart I looked. I think both of my two brothers and also my son-in-law are contemplating ordering with you.  Your shirts are exclusively unrivalled, as I've previously commented on the Emma website. I felt close to tears when I saw that the shirt had been damaged.

I purchased my first Emma Willis shirt today to be worn at my 60th on Saturday. I apologise for only discovering you late int he day but I was most impressed with a feature of yours on Radio 4 and further impressed with your website and its focus on English Craft Skills.  Anyhow today I made it to Jermyn Street and I just wanted to provide feedback on Jade and Mel.  Jade served me and is a great professional, mature beyond her years, she explained she had been hired 4 years ago so I assume she is early 20s, and that to me was a brave call by either you or someone at EW, in what arguably is an "old world" setting to have two women with such passion is a breath of fresh air, so chapeau to you for engaging them and cheapeau to them for being such good Ambassadors of your brand.  Finally also you are doing a great job at Headley Court.


I am in Athens for a meeting. I wore one of my new shirts! If they are all as good as this then they will see me out!! Brilliant. Thanks

Having bespoke shirts made by Emma Willis is a wonderful experience: Emma has a great eye for detail, a seemingly endless collection of sumptuous fabrics and an inquisitive mindset for exploring new collar shapes.


My new shirts are fantastic, thank you!


Thank you, I am very pleased with all of my Emma Willis shirts and am really thrilled to have discovered your store. The product is superior, and the fit customization really works. 

Dear Emma,

Your shirts are beautiful. The most comfortable best fitting shirts I've ever worn by far. My son loves his too. 

I wore one of my pre-Emma shirts to work yesterday and felt absolutely scruffy by comparison. 

In future, I will never buy another shirt that is not one of yours. 

Have a lovely day. 

Kind Regards

I should also add that I LOVE your boxers....simply the very best.

Been wearing her shirts for twenty years. Still wearing the first ones I bought. Superb quality and fit.


Not only are you a star of design and taste but you are a world beater on marketing.

This is imaginative and great.


Hi Emma:

I received a few days ago the linen shirts that we had chosen.  I was waiting for a quiet time, which was tonight, to open them up.  Wow wow wow, are they NICE!   Thank you so much.   This will be a special summer!

Hope you are well!

Dear Emma

Without entering the political fray, I would say the more you can do for the families of the fallen, providing products and experiences they would not ordinarily have, the better. Well done you. It makes me proud to be a customer. 

Many thanks for your help with this request, it is very much appreciated and goes to show what a fantastic company Emma Willis is.

I will wear my new shirts with pride.

Kind regards,

The shirt arrived today  - brilliant!! Thank you so very much for all your great skill and service.

Best wishes, 

Hi Emma:

How are you?   It looks like your brand continues to take off!

I am returning to London very soon and was going to stop by your shop to see the latest of the most awesome shirts on the planet.


Hi Emma,

I just wanted to let you know how delighted I am with the first shirts you made for me.  The fit is beautiful and they look and feel amazing.  Also, your suggestion to change the collar was brilliant.  Well done - I have already ordered some more!

Best wishes,

I just received the shirt, it’s perfect.  Thanks. 

The shirt arrived this morning. I felt I had to write to you to say how pleased I am with it. It is a superb item. Superior in every way to bespoke shirts which I have bought from other shirt makers in the past. Very,very many thanks.

Best wishes,

Dear Emma

I wish you and your formidable team a great 2016 and you should know that your classic look is unsurpassed!

Go well and with best regards

Hello Emma,

I wanted to send you a note to let you know how pleased I am with the sample shirt your team made for me.  I have received many compliments whilst wearing the shirt; the details and quality is highly impressive and speak for themselves.  Thank you. 

Yesterday I received my first EW shirt, and would like to say how pleased I am with its quality. My compliments to the chef, as 'twere.

Thanks again for an excellent product and prompt delivery.

Best wishes, 

Dear Emma, 

Thank you so much for my beautiful bespoke shirt.  I love it and the fit is impeccable.

Dear Emma, 

The shirt is beautiful! I am wearing it almost every day, my wife is happy, finally she said you look like a man!

The customer service I receive from everyone at Emma Willis is exemplary. You should feel very proud.


I wanted to thank Rebecca for being so helpful yesterday. She was wonderful to work with and I so look forward to receiving my first Emma Willis shirt in a couple of weeks.

Thanks again. I'm sure I will be in touch for more shirts in the future.

Kind Regards,

Thank you, yes I'm really over the moon with my new shirts the Navy Cristallo one is a lovely colour, a really good, true blue. Exciting to get such nice things.

While I get the chance Thank you as well for Emma's emails about Style for Soldiers. They led me into reading more about them. Thank you for that.

The shirt is fantastic. The quality of the construction and, in particular, the material is the best I have seen.

I will be ordering again in the near future.

Many thanks for your help and excellent customer service.

Best wishes,

Dearest Emma!

However; the cuff links are perfectly exquisite. 

MY SON WAS beyond Thrilled.  They are stunningly gorgeous. I believe he actually made a hip hoo ray sound that was akin to an animal squeal. 

Thank you so kindly also for your note written in your lovely hand. It was special. 

With great esteem and gratitude,

Dear Emma,

Benn loved the boxer shorts - and the shirt fits perfectly, as always. Thank you for fixing this.

Dear Emma

You are so kind to make these lovely linen shirts to my bespoke pattern,I am wearing one now and I am thrilled with the fabric as well as the fit.

Keep in touch.

You have the best delivery service going. It could be a primer for the industry.

Thanks for the email Emma. Unfortunately, it seems that I will not be in NYC those days so will not be able to meet. I would appreciate if you could keep me informed on any future US trips (and if you make it out to Chicago).

Btw, love the shirts I recently received from you!

Dear Emma and all the team, 

You may not remember but last June your made a lovely shirt for me (in very quick time!) which I wore on my wedding day. This is just a much belated thank you from myself and my wife Olwyn.

Much appreciated.

Kind Regards, 

I received the bow tie today. It is beautiful. Thank you very much. It is also tied so well that I think I will never open the knot. I am very happy. Thank you.

Best wishes,


Dear Emma

Thanks for the revised shirts. I am in New York and not only are they a fine fit but they also remind me of London.

Could you please order 2 more for me? Same white fabric and revised measures.

Thank you

Yes the shirt has arrived and it looks splendid 

I almost don't dare to use it as it is so nicely presented!

The boxer shorts were very comfortable and I regret I ever shopped elsewhere!

And the personal service is absolutely splendid! Thank you.

Thank you so much, what a beautiful silk shirt, my 100 year old Grandma was a seamstress for many years and she is fascinated by your workmanship. My collection of Emma Willis shirts may be only two deep, but I suspect it will grow over the coming months. Many thanks and best wishes.

Tried one of my new shirts today,and it is extremely comfortable-thank you and the team.

I am delighted to have one of your new linen shirts. They look excellent, like all your products, and I have always enjoyed wearing the other shirts, and ties, that I have bought from you.

Dear Emma,

I just wanted to let you know that I am wearing one of your shirts right now and it makes me feel like a king.

Thank you.


I am delighted with my shirts. They fit perfectly and are lovely to wear. I worked in the UK some years ago and wandered past the Emma Willis shop and thought “one day I should buy some of those shirts”. Pleasingly that day has arrived! I look forward to further purchases.

I am delighted with my shirts. They fit perfectly and are lovely to wear. I worked in the UK some years ago and wandered past the Emma Willis shop and thought “one day I should buy some of those shirts”. Pleasingly that day has arrived! I look forward to further purchases.

The shirts arrived safely last week. They are absolutely fantastic, beautiful material and very well made, so I am very pleased. I am now your biggest fan and look forward to my next purchase from Emma Willis!

I'm rapt with the fit and now I know exactly what to order each and every time.

Thanks so much once again. Your shirts always make me feel like a million dollars and I'm most happy about knowing where my shirt came from and that the people who make it are skilled at what they do.

Arthur LOVES his shirt. He says he is now hooked which is what I thought might happen! He says the quality is just incomparable. Thank you so much.

As I padded around our mountain retreat this evening I found on the back of a bathroom door the Emma Willis dressing gown that I bought, mostly on the strength of your FT article, I must say its my favourite purchase of 2014 (there were many as a a result of my new less affluent size - including a complete back to square one at EW) - long live the Swellboy.


You are the best shirtmaker on the planet. I have purchased quality but not on this level. I will be purchasing shirts from emma willis from now on ....

I just received the Cashmerello Shirt, it is amazing!   I may have to order another one soon its perfect. 

I really look forward to the swatches.  I really appreciate everything.  Thank you again!  

My pyjama bottoms arrived at Friday so Thank You a lot for Your fast delivery!

Measures are just perfect and I love Your work! The material is amazingly soft - that is what one want to feel against one´s skin.

Very many thanks for your prompt Reply. I safely received the latest shirt order on Friday (and am wearing it now in fact)

I really like the quality and fit of the Emma Willis range and I will certainly be back for more!

The shirt is miraculous - thank you 

Just to let you know that the shirts arrived last Friday in Hong Kong. I was out of town, hence not letting you know earlier.

Many thanks for all your help - wonderful service.

Your service is first class!

Many thanks for all your help.

Yes the shirts are excellent and I very much appreciate the swift turnaround for my specific sizes! 

Thank you

I have to say your customer service is fantastic!  The boxers arrived so quickly, beautifully packaged, and my husband loves them!

Thanks so much!

Just wanted to thank you and the team at Emma Willis, for your endeavours to have the made to measure shirts ready for Mike's wedding. 

The quality of the shirts are amazing and fit so well. They really enhanced the attire and helped give Mike that added confidence on the day as well, knowing he looked great :) 

Looking to start an Emma Willis collection now, so will be seeing you soon. Thanks! 

I think your  boxer shorts are great , I ordered a few pairs of the same colour, your staff  sent different patterns of the same colour,  I thought this  was thoughtful & someone is interested. 

The boxers themselves are good, delivery was good, packaging nice, will visit the London shop next time. So in a nut shell all GOOD

Thanks for the email and for asking about the order. My father was very pleased with the shirt in the slimmer fit which he wore for my brother's wedding. 

I’m indeed very happy with my shirts, they fit as if they were bespoke and the quality is amazing.

Thank you for the email. The shirt was perfect.  I also received the receipt in the mail a few days later. The service throughout has been exceptional.

Just a quick note to say that I received my shirt safe and sound 10 days ago and it is, without a shadow of a doubt, the finest shirt I have ever owned. The fit is perfect and the cotton just feels fantastic. It is even a joy to iron, so a result all round.

I look forward to this being the first of many shirts from Emma Willis and I would like to thank you and the team for all your help.

Just to let you know that my shirts have arrived and I am very pleased. Thank you!

"Love the shirt and so will be ordering more in due course, and timely delivery too. Thanks for the follow up".

"It is excellent, thank you. I have been impressed by your shirts and will continue to buy them in the future!".

"Thank you. Shirt received & I am delighted with your work. Many thanks".

"I just wanted to let you know the shirt arrived safely today and it is absolutely gorgeous!    I can't wait for more silk shirts to be available.  Did you say this autumn they would be released?".

"I'm absolutely delighted with the shirt and will be a regular customer from now on".

"Thank you so much for my afternoon with you all.  It was a great experience, and wonderful to see the presentation of such beautiful craftsmanship.  I can't wait to wear the shirts".

"Thanks for the email.  The quality of the shirt is fantastic and the service has been first rate.  i would be happy to order from your company in the future".

"I did indeed receive the shirts and they are wonderful as usual.  I look forward to many future orders".

"The shirts arrived safely last week.  They are absolutely fantastic, beautiful material and very well made, so i am very pleased. I am now your biggest fan and look forward to my next purchase from Emma Willis".

"I am happy to report to you that the shirt is fantastic. I'm rapt with the fit and now I know exactly what to order each and everytime.

Thanks so much once again. Your shirts always make me feel like a million dollars and I'm most happy about knowing where my shirt came from and that the people who make it are skilled at what they do".

"I am the best shirted man in Gran Melia, Victoria, Palma Mallorca.  The linen looks and is super cool; my favourite is the pink stripe".

"Gown arrived and is an absolutely beautiful fit - I can't thank you enough for all of your support and help over this.  It's been the best customer service i've experienced and it made my list of 100 happy days".

My shirt is excellent, thank you. I have been impressed by your shirts and will continue to buy them in the future".

“I live in Singapore and saw The Railway Man movie this week. Been a huge Stefano Ricci and Tunbull & Asser shirt guy, but agree that the Emma Willis shirt on Colin Firth was sensational. Needless to say, I know where I will be heading when in Jermyn Street next! Go, Emma, Go!”

“Many thanks for the beautifully wrapped shirt which has just arrived in perfect time for Valentines Day. I usually order through Mr Porter as was unaware of your direct site which I’m pleased to have found and I’ll now use.

Many Thanks”

“Just letting you know...I bought my first pair of boxers from you a few weeks ago and whilst £50 is the most I’ve ever paid for a pair of boxers, I don’t think it’s overstepping the mark to say that they are the best pants I’ve ever owned and I am now an Emma Willis pants convert...frighteningly, I fear this will very soon inevitably lead me to venturing into shirt territory where I suspect I will also risk getting hooked. Glad I’ve found you”.

"Many thanks for your email - as usual both the shirt and the tie are excellent (and the tie in particular has got a lot of positive feedback!!). Please pass on my best wishes and my thanks to Emma and the team".