A week inspired by our incredible Servicemen.


Walking alone in this beautiful March sunshine at the end of an inspirational week visiting Headley Court Military Rehab Hospital, which I always leave deeply moved by the courage, charm, humour and suffering of our young injured, and spending time with two breathtakingly brave and admirable injured Servicemen going out in to the world for new careers, I am moved to write how privileged I feel to meet and get to know fellow human beings of such magnitude.

Captain Simon Maxwell of the Royal Marines mentioned to me that he would be very interested in a career as a war reporter. I could not think of any one better placed than the BBC’s Jeremy Bowen, so Simon read his amazing book War Stories, and Jeremy said he would be more than happy to give any advice. They met this week for a drink outside our shop, and talked extensively, resulting in Jeremy kindly offering to mentor Simon in the future if he wanted to pursue war journalism.

On Friday Reuters came to the shop for a photo shoot with Adam Cocks (see attached) and myself, and interviewed us on my Style for Soldiers Charity, and Adam’s incredible experience in Afghanistan and after. Despite his terribly injuries, he says the time he spent in the Forces (he was originally doing an 18 month ‘sabbatical’ out of his civilian life as a successful Investment Consultant in the city, however he has only now just returned to ‘P-Solve Meridian’ after almost 5 years away) with his fellow servicemen were some of the happiest and most meaningful months of his life, combined with an exciting, physical, outdoor life. He has renovated his house, learning building trades by employing experts and asking them to teach him as they work, set up a charity supporting the injured and their families called ‘Lt Dougie Dalzell MC Memorial Trust (DDMT), raising thousands, in memory of his friend who was killed, all the time undergoing gruelling physical rehab and numerous leg operations. How feeble does one feel?

Not only are Simon and Adam very handsome, but they are also the highest calibre of selfless, thoughtful, determined and modest individuals, who would fill anyone, fortunate enough to meet them, with pride for this generation of young men and women.